Board Of Management

Our Board of Management (BOM) manages our school on behalf of our patron, Bishop Denis Nulty, and is accountable to both the patron and the Minister of Education.  Our Board of Management work in a voluntary capacity for the benefit of all students, staff and parents of Arles N.S. and for this we are sincerely grateful.  The Board is appointed for a term of four years and a new board is due to be elected in November 2025.


Chairperson Mr. Brian Miller
Patron’s Nominee Mr. Pat Kenna
Principal Mrs. Annette Fitzpatrick
Teacher’s Nominee Ms. Catherine Lawlor
Parent Nominee (Mother) Mrs. Marianne George
Parent Nominee (Father) Mr. PJ Fenlon
Community Member Nominee Mrs. Rosemary Elgar
Community Member Nominee Mr. Francis Egan