Work Experience

Work Experience/ Teaching Practice Policy/ Guidelines

Dear Applicant,
Welcome to Arles N.S. which is a mixed rural school catering for approximately 70 pupils. We have 3 class teachers, 1 Learning Support Teacher, 1 Resource Teacher and 1 full time S.N.A.  You will find further information on our school in the “Work Experience Folder”. Hosting a student depends on the willingness & generosity of teachers in the school. Teachers may decide fore a variety of reasons that they are not in a position to host a student at that particular time. Please be sensitive/ accepting of their decision.

In applying to undertake observation/ work experience/ teaching practice etc. you are required to write a letter of application indicating;

  • Why you chose our school for placement.
  • If you have committed any criminal offence.
  • What you hope to achieve through the experience.
  • What you can offer the children/school on your placement.
  • Your commitment to the process.
  • Confirmation that you have read the school policies in relation to Child Protection, Discipline, Special Needs, Health & Safety, Anti- Bullying etc.

You must also attach prior to your placement;

  • A copy of the insurance certificate from the school/ college.
  • A completed Garda Clearance form.
  • Any documents/ assessment forms the class teacher/ principal will be required to complete (English version).

Please note;

  • Preference for work experience is given to applicants currently in teacher training programmes.
  • Past pupils/ relatives of staff may be favoured.
  • Only fully probated teachers are eligible to host student teachers.
  • The principal (acting principal) decides on provision of placements.
  • Should it become apparent that the applicant is not carrying out duties to a satisfactory manner or has compromised confidentiality; the principal may terminate the placement with immediate effect.

If your application for placement is successful please be aware of the following;

  • School begins at 9:30 am sharp. You are required to be in the school 15 minutes before this time. The principal will advise you about procedures for break times.
  • If you cannot attend school for any reason please phone the principal.
  • Smoking is prohibited in/ around the school.
  • Mobile phones/ camera phones are not to be used during school time.
  • All applicants are expected to be in ‘smart casual/ neat attire’.
  • For your protection & in the best interests of the children, the class teacher/ principal are solely responsible for the discipline of students.
  • Confidentiality is of the utmost importance. DO NOT DISCUSS any pupil/ parent / member of staff etc. in any manner.
  • If a student needs medical attention, please contact a teacher immediately.
  • All members of staff, pupils & parents are to be treated with respect & dignity. This is to be reciprocated to you- please inform the principal if this is not your experience.
  • You are required to assist the school/ teachers as much as you can by; photocopying, laminating, cutting, pasting, helping individual/ groups of children.
  • Be pro-active! Keep the classrooms neat & tidy, replenish resources etc.
  • At lunch time, ensure that the class walks in an orderly fashion (single file) to their play area.
  • During playtime interact with your pupils and encourage them to use their break time, to get to know each other and to engage in play.
  • Should you need any assistance, please contact one of the teachers supervising play.
  • The teachers are happy to assist you in planning lessons, organising resources, managing the class etc. Each lesson must be carefully planned and in accordance with curriculum guidelines.
  • Finally, we hope that your experience is enjoyable, positive & worthwhile.

Yours Sincerely,
Mrs. Annette Fitzpatrick