Parent Association

  • National Parents Council “Supporting Each Other” Booklet can be found here.

Arles N.S Parents’ Association Constitution

Arles N.S. is a Catholic school under the diocese of Kildare & Leighlin. It operates under the Revised Curriculum of 1999 and according to legislation including the Education Act of 1998. Our mission statement reads “We, the staff of Our Lady of Perpetual Help (Arles N.S.) endeavour to promote a positive culture of teaching and learning. We will strive for each child to fulfill their potential while respecting difference. We aim to provide equal status of girls and boys and encourage a safe, clean and healthy environment for teachers and staff. We hope to develop the school as part of a growing community.” The management & staff of Arles N.S. are very grateful to the volunteers of the Parents’ Association. We appreciate that it is a voluntary body and we look forward to developing the school further with the continued help & support of the Association.

Title: The Parents’ Association shall be known to all as “Arles N.S. Parents’ Association”.

Membership: Membership of the association shall be open to all parents & guardians of pupils in Arles N.S.


  • To represent the views of the parents.
  • To liaise with the school in areas of development of the school.
  • To foster co- operation between parents, staff & management.
  • To provide opportunities for parents & principal to meet & discuss matters of mutual interest.
  • To assist in activities such as swimming etc.
  • To assist with the provision of teaching aids through fundraising etc.
  • To liaise with other parents.
  • To promote the school.


  • The Parents’ Association committee shall be composed of 5 elected members (to include an elected Chairperson, Secretary & Treasurer).
  • A new committee will be elected bi- annually with at least 1 existing member remaining to ensure continuity.
  • The officers shall remain in office for a maximum of 3 successive years.
  • A quorum of 4 shall be required for all committee meetings.
  • Numbers on the committee could be raised depending on the needs of the school.


  • The Annual General Meeting (A.G.M.) shall be held in February of each year.
  • Ordinary meetings shall be held as appropriate (approximately 1 every 2 months).
  • The Chairperson shall chair all meetings & shall deputise another member in his/ her absence with at least one weeks notice via text message, phone call or face to face meetings. He/ she will co- ordinate events such as guest speakers, fundraising etc. He/ she will liaise with the principal in the event of her absence from meetings/ as a result of decisions made at meetings.
  • The Secretary shall be responsible for all correspondence (including circulating the agenda), minute all meetings and provide a copy of the minutes to the principal. He/ she will organise the venue for meetings, organise locking/ un- locking of the venue, ensure adequate light, heating & refreshments (if so required). He/ she will organise payment for the venue.
  • The Treasurer shall be responsible for collecting & lodging of funds/ accounts as well as presenting same at meetings. All expenditure by or on behalf of the Parents’ Association must be approved by the Board. Transactions must be authorized by 2 of 3 nominated signatories. A total account of the P.A.’s income & expenditure shall be prepared at the end of each year & shall be properly audited. She/ he is also required to present a record of accounts to the Board of Management every year (or upon request).
  • All parents/ guardians of pupils in the school should be encouraged to attend meetings to foster co–operation & inclusion.
  • Each question should be decided by a majority vote.
  • The P.A. shall have due regard to the C.P.M.S.A. Board of Management handbook 2007: 56 which states“fundraising in the name of the school must have the prior consent of the Board of Management. A Parents’ Association should consult with the Board about fundraising for the school or school projects. The approval of the board is needed before these funds are raised. The expenditure of these funds is by the board of management, in consultation with the Parents’ Association. All monies raised or generated for an agreed project for the school should be lodged into the school account”.
  • Finally, the parents Association should not be seen as a complaints board. Individuals should be encouraged to contact the teacher/ principal directly to ensure proper procedures are followed.